The Upgraded Ford EcoSport Ready for Europe

Ford EcoSport Euro-spec

The upgraded Ford EcoSport is now available for order. The superb car will be available for drivers in Europe starting the following days, the company has recently announced. As a reminder the upgraded Ford EcoSport has been presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Under hood arsenal sounds appealing as the upgraded Ford EcoSport comes with […]

2016 Ford Transit Lineup Changes Announced

2016 Ford Transit

Fresh information coming from Ford regarding the 2016 Ford Transit lineup. It seems the company is planning some important changes regarding their cars. We begin by telling you that as far as the Transit goes the model will come with additional standard equipment. List counts a rearview camera and a trailer hitch assist system and […]

Ford Focus RS Leaked

2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS super images have made their way on the internet. Even though the car was expected to be officially unveiled today the photographs showing the model have made their way on the web showing a super car that drivers will be lucky to purchase. Already the price has been comunicated, so for US […]

Ford Focus RS Teased VIDEO

2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS has been tased for car fans all over the world. Curious to know what way did the car maker choose to make the model known and bring it one step closer to the public? Well you will be happy to know that via a video of almost one minute, the car speeds […]

Acura NSX and Ford GT go roofless

Ford GT render without roof

X-Tomi Design has taken imagination and talent to the next level and has offered the newly unveiled Acura NSX and Ford GT a series of special makeovers destined to make us remain speechless. The german artist has put talent to good use and the result is simply breathtaking. Both the models mentioned above have been […]

2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Spied

2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak

2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak has recenty been spotted. Described by the producers the car will be “smarter, safer, smoother and stronger” in coparison to it’s predecesor. So far the car has only been seen in a short teaser clip. The film has been posted by Ford Asia Pacific at the end of 2014. The short […]

Ford Mustang to be Tuned

2015 Ford Mustang

Future plans sound good for Ford fans. Recently the company has made an important announcement regarding three of their most famous models. While worldwide car makers are working hard on developing new models, reducing polution, fuel consumption and lowering prices for different models, Ford seems to have other priorities. Recently the company has confirmed that […]

2015 Ford Shelby GT Spotted

2015 Ford Shelby GT

Lack of joy is something that is uncommon in the auto industry. While some models might be expensive or out of reach there is no harm in just looking. Also none in dreaming. And if things look stunnig at the moment we can’t even dare dream what the future will bring. More speed, more daring […]

Ford Mondeo ST Rendered

Like Ford cars? Love novelty in the auto industry? Well as you know reality can never keep up with imagination. And this is sometimes a reson for sadness as some envisioned cars look just spectalur but will never be seen roaring on public roads. Recently Ford Mondeo linup has suffered some changes. This is digital […]

2015 Ford Everest teased [Video]

2015 Ford Everest teaser

The 2015 Ford Everest has recently been teased as the SUV is set to be publicly revealed on November 13th in China. Ford’s new Everest has previously been caught on camera while being tested and a concept that was launched last year served as a preview for the upcoming vehicle. Details are still limited at […]