Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge Imagined

Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge

Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge, a spectacular design, has recently been imagined. As you might have assumed by now the author of the spectacular rendering is independent car designer, Theophilus Chin, that has put his skills to best use and imagined our special model. But for drivers looking forward to purchase such a car we have […]

Infiniti Q60 concept Detailed

Infiniti Q60 concept

The cat is out of the bag for the new Infiniti Q60 concept. Not a day goes by that producers don’t present us with important details about the car. And this time detailed photogpahes of the car have been presented just to keep us waiting for the car to go on the market. As a […]

Infiniti Q60 concept Shown

Infiniti Q60 concept

Infiniti has made public an imagine that shows one of their most awaited for models. We refer to the Q60 concept that has been shown by the car makers in a photograph. The car will be launched on January 13 in Detroit at NAIAS. We remind you that to promote the car Inifinity has also […]

Infinity ESQ uncovered

Infinity ESQ

The new Infinity ESQ has recently been revealed at the 2014 Chengdu Auto Show. The vehicle in question is basically a rebadged Nissan Juke Nismo and will be sold only in China. Infinity ESQ sports revised bumpers and an aggressive body kit with a front spoiler, a large rear diffuser and side skirts. The car […]

Infiniti G37x S joins the ranks

Infiniti G37x S

Infiniti models, or the world’s most exclusive Nissan products, have just gotten a new unit to join the ranks. It’s called the G37x S. While it doesn’t sound exciting, it almost certainly… well, isn’t really. It’s a simple addition to the lineup. In its defense, it’s the sort of change that could make a product […]

Infiniti to unveil new EV concept in New York

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Nissan’s luxury division is cooking up a new EV concept which they plan to unveil at the New York Motor Show early next month. Don’t think Infiniti is going to come up with a tweaked version of the EmergE supercar. Though they’re cooking up a new sports car, it’ll be totally different. Well, the wedge […]