Infinity ESQ uncovered

Infinity ESQ

The new Infinity ESQ has recently been revealed at the 2014 Chengdu Auto Show. The vehicle in question is basically a rebadged Nissan Juke Nismo and will be sold only in China. Infinity ESQ sports revised bumpers and an aggressive body kit with a front spoiler, a large rear diffuser and side skirts. The car […]

Infiniti G37x S joins the ranks

Infiniti G37x S

Infiniti models, or the world’s most exclusive Nissan products, have just gotten a new unit to join the ranks. It’s called the G37x S. While it doesn’t sound exciting, it almost certainly… well, isn’t really. It’s a simple addition to the lineup. In its defense, it’s the sort of change that could make a product […]

Infiniti to unveil new EV concept in New York

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Nissan’s luxury division is cooking up a new EV concept which they plan to unveil at the New York Motor Show early next month. Don’t think Infiniti is going to come up with a tweaked version of the EmergE supercar. Though they’re cooking up a new sports car, it’ll be totally different. Well, the wedge […]