Renault Twingo Limited Unveiled

Renault Twingo Limited

Important news coming for Renault fans all around the world as the famous car maker has introduced a brand new model. Called Renault Twingo Limited the superb vehicle keeps the special flavour brought by all the cars made by the company yet stands out thanks to a list of inovative features that come to make […]

New Renault Sandero RS VIDEO

Renault Sandero RS

More and more the new Renault Sandero RS is being teased as the special moment we all have been waiting for is getting closer and closer to us. We refer to the special unveiling of the car that is scheduled to take place some time this week. We remind you the new Renault RS will […]

Renault Sandero RS Spied

Renault Sandero RS

The new Renault Sandero RS has been spied. Recently images of the superb vehicle have been released in the Brazilian media for the joy of all Renault fans. As you might remember Sandero RS will only reach the markets in Latin America. Motivation will be provied by a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine taken from […]

Renault Sandero RS VIDEO

Renault Sandero RS

Renault Sandero RS is out. Recently the car maker has published a video that shows the newest car developed by Renaultsport. By now it is known that the superb vehicle wil have a more aggressive body, beefier brakes, dual exhaust tips and bigger black wheels that come with Continental tires. Last but not least the […]

Renault Ondelios Rendered

Renault Ondelios rendering

A superb design has caught the attention of car fans all over the world. The very talented artist Theoplhilus Chin has come back with one of it’s innovating designs. After other famous brands have been amazed time has come for Theophilus Chin to envision a future 7-seat flagship SUV from Renault. Curious to know further […]

2016 Renault Laguna Spied

2016 Renault Laguna

The new Renault Laguna has been spied testing. It is the first time that the fourth-generation car is being pshotographed in the street while showing off it’s arsenal. As a reminder sales for the Laguna decreased seriously as the prior model had not such an appealing look. Luckily not only for the car makers but […]

2016 Renault Megane Spied

2016 Renault Megane

The fresh Renault Megane has been seen recently. The car has been photographed and the close up images of it come to bring the latest details regarding it’s design. Basically the new Renault Megane is wearing heavy camouflage but still some important aspects are cleared about it’s looks. Most likely the car will be unveiled […]

2016 Renault Megane Imagined

2016 Renault Megane

Santa Clause came and it’s time to enjoy the first day of Christmas. Family around, traditional food, the Christmas tree all make us feel so happy and relaxed. And even if most likely everybody has unwrappeed their presents list of miysteries counts one more. That is because the auto industry has no free days and […]

Renault Twingo GT Spied Testing

Renault Twingo GT

Long waiting for a new special car from Renault? Nothing from their lineup seems to fit you? Well then this might be just the right time to tell you that the new Renault Twingo has been spotted. The brand new car has been spied testing. And to prove that there are fresh photos just enough […]

2015 Renault Espace ready for debut

2015 Renault Espace

New images of the 2015 Renault Espace have been released ahead of an official debut which is slated to take place next week at the Paris Motor Show. The vehicle is the fifth generation Espace and has been described as a semi-crossover, taking a different path from the previous models which were full-size MPVs. In […]