Infiniti to unveil new EV concept in New York

Infiniti EmergE Concept

Nissan’s luxury division is cooking up a new EV concept which they plan to unveil at the New York Motor Show early next month. Don’t think Infiniti is going to come up with a tweaked version of the EmergE supercar. Though they’re cooking up a new sports car, it’ll be totally different. Well, the wedge […]

Ferrari speaks of V12 and I6 engines

Ferrari V12

The most famous brand in the car world has something to tell us about the future of engine development by their accounts. It may be a cliche these days but there’s no getting away from this fact. As long as the words environment and emissions still exist, big engines have a compromised future. Despite this, […]

Ferrari turned a 458 into the SP12 EPC

Ferrari SP12 EPC

It sounds confusing and that’s mainly because it is. As it happens, the whole story lies in how Ferrari have built a special version of the 458 Italia supercar. By our accounts, each Ferrari 458 Italia is special but it seems like not everybody agrees. One of those against this school of thinking is quite […]

Porsche’s 918 superstar shows off

Porsche 918

Sure, the world has been through a few wars recently, an economic crisis and that finance managers are still warning us about all sorts of risks but that’s no fun. Fun comes from Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini who’ve got tons of power, beauty and handling to please us with. That’s where the problem comes in, […]

Rolls Royce Phantom does the funeral march

Rolls Royce Phantom B12 Hearse

Fear not, the Rolls Royce Phantom will not die. It hasn’t been cancelled and there’s not even a rumor about its demise. What actually happened to the Rolls Royce Phantom is something extremely special while considerably morbid at the same time. Yep, somebody had the idea and then the budget to create what is simply […]