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Ferrari SP12 EC officially unveiled

Ferrari SP12 EC

It must be nice to be on top. It may be lonely but at least you can have all the toys you want, particularly the stuff the rest of us just dream about. Take Eric Clapton, for example. He’s quite the nice guy, despite his superstar status, and he can have a Ferrari, we all [...]

New York: Acura unveils custom MDX for superheroes


The rich and the famous often get the best toys around but sometimes there are cars you can’t buy regardless of the money in your pocket. One such example would be this custom Acura MDX. It is on display at the New York Auto Show but it’s not a concept and it’s never going to [...]

Ferrari turned a 458 into the SP12 EPC

Ferrari SP12 EPC

It sounds confusing and that’s mainly because it is. As it happens, the whole story lies in how Ferrari have built a special version of the 458 Italia supercar. By our accounts, each Ferrari 458 Italia is special but it seems like not everybody agrees. One of those against this school of thinking is quite [...]

2012 Chrysler 300S gets exclusive at the hands of John Varvatos

Chrysler 300S by John Varvatos

Even though it gets a lot of hate and controversy around its origins, the 2012 Chrysler 300 is a very special machine. If the media and reviewers still used certain expressions they’d probably refer to it as being worth a million dollars despite costing a lot less. With that in mind, the Chrysler 300S version [...]

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