How long do we have to wait for the Future of Mobility?

Across academia and the motor industry, the phrase Future of Mobility has come to mean that cars will eventually become connected, autonomous, shared and electric – or CASE vehicles. Electric cars have grown hugely in popularity in recent years, autonomous technology is being tested but not mainstream and connected and shared services are in their […]

Tesla Moves Towards Breaking Speed Records

Tesla is known for a lot of things, but speed hasn’tnecessarily one of them until now. Porsche recently premiered their fast and luxurious new electric car, the Taycan, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was quick to come back with a rebuttal. He said shortly after the new Porsche model broke the record for electric car speed […]

Teaching Your Child To Drive

Do you need insurance with a learners permit for your kid will be a question for the parents living in the United Kingdom (UK)? Yes, you need learner driver insurance for all children willing to learn four-wheelers driving. You can take this by calling an insurance broker for a doorstep service. You can also do […]